If you are a current or prospective social work student in need of educational/career coaching and would like to meet virtually (via phone or videoconferencing) with Dylesia, please contact her using this form. She offers the following a la carte services:

Service Description Length Price
Curriculum/Field Overview


Prospective social work students who purchase this service will be provided with a general overview of the social work field in addition to insight on what they can expect as a student (course structure, curriculum, internship/practicum duties, etc.) and eventual graduate. Dylesia will pull from her educational and professional social work experiences to review potential career and degree options with prospective students. Q&A also included. one 30 min. virtual session (via phone or videoconferencing)  




Assessment Current or prospective social work students who purchase this service will be asked to complete a self-administered assessment prior to their virtual session with Dylesia. Upon review and scoring of the assessment, Dylesia will meet with the current or prospective student to discuss results and identify at least two areas of social work that would best suit he/she. From there, Dylesia will assist the student with developing a plan of action to include coursework, extracurricular certification/training, and job pursuits necessary to obtain career status in student’s preferred area of social work. Electronic copies of assessment results and plan of action will also be provided to each student. one 20 min. self-administered assessment


two 30 min. virtual sessions (via phone or videoconferencing)









BSW/MSW/DSW/Ph.D. Application Discussion and Review


Prospective social work students who purchase this service will be provided with assistance applying for a social work education program. This package includes a discussion with Dylesia about application requirements and a preliminary and final review/discussion of the prospective student’s application (essay revisions included). one 20-min. virtual session


two 30-min. virtual sessions




*If applying to multiple schools, add $10 for each additional application you would like Dylesia’s assistance with


Interview Preparation Prospective social work interns and graduates who purchase this service will receive videoconferencing preparation for internship/practicum or post-graduation interviews. This package includes a discussion with Dylesia about intern/graduate’s site choices & concerns regarding the interview process and two mock interviews to include questions specific to intern/graduate’s area of interest. Dylesia will provide verbal and written feedback after each mock interview.    




Please note that all a la carte services include complimentary unlimited email support.