In 2005, Dylesia embarked upon her first public writing venture, Dolly Daily, a daily inspirational text message service. She began her journey with four subscribers and by 2012 her subscription list had grown over one-hundred times in size to include 400+ daily recipients. That year, she published her first book, Encouragement at Your Fingertips: 365 Days of Inspiration, a compilation of original inspiration quotes. As she matured and her perspective expanded, Dylesia began to offer daily devotionals and newsletters to her followers on a variety of topics ranging from entrepreneurship to recovering from past trauma and abuse. Currently, Dylesia speaks and writes to a number of audiences, including those who are struggling with their singleness, desire to grow spiritually, need motivation, and want to become better stewards over their mental health. She also provides insight to those who are interested in becoming a psychotherapist and psychotherapists interested in improving their skills. To be inspired by Dylesia, click one of the links above!