Many times, we blame God when situations don’t work, failing to acknowledge the role that our free will had in getting us into them. We exclude Him from the decision-making process, only to blame Him for the results, deciding in our hearts that He’s somehow less God because He didn’t interfere with our choice to follow through with a plan we weren’t keen enough to His voice to hear Him advising us against. That’s not to say all failure is a result of distance from God; even those closest to Him fail. It’s a call to examine the broken areas of your life and decide to – no matter whether things fell apart due to human error or fate – pick yourself up and try again.

I know defeat is embarrassing. I know dozens of people expected this to be your end and you proved them right. And I know you’re so scarred you’d rather live the rest of your life in the shadows, staying low and making minimal noise. But I also know that while you view your failure as your biggest blemish, it isn’t – deciding not to recover is.
What if Jesus opted to just lay there after He was crucified and tombed? What if He never rose and saved you, me, mankind?
…Get up Bro. Stand tall Sis. There’s a world out there that needs your saving.

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