It’s so easy to get caught up in the culture of a community, a family, a social circle, a work team, etc. and forget that your ability to relate to other group members is temporary. While you’ll never forget where you come from, remembering where you’re going and behaving, communicating, and emoting accordingly is critical if you ever want to reach your next destination. Avoid getting caught up in petty patterns of using gossipy, woe is me statements to convey your frustration for your current circumstance. Venting is one thing, but sharing your observations and opinions as if where you’re at is where you’ll always be only further associates you with the place, making deliverance a more involved process because God doesn’t just have to move you, He has to purify AND move you. From here forward, live on the brink of your breakthrough by first recognizing that you’ve been anointed for ‘next’ even though you have yet to be appointed there. Secondly, walk in ‘next’ before it’s your reality, using your actions, attitude, and speech to force it into manifestation. Third, instead of being a member of the disgruntled group, be an inspiration, constantly reminding others that they too are just passing through, but how long they stay depends on how long they dwell.

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