At any given time, there is usually at least one subject threatening to plague or actually plaguing each of our minds. Whether it’s regarding the safety of loved ones, our lack of resources, our health or the health of a family member or friend, how to navigate a challenging relationship, other people’s opinions of us, our capacity, our future, etc., thoughts of “it” become intrusive, overwhelming, and eventually paralytic. And because it’s all we can think about, it becomes all we discuss. Our relationships become dominated by conversation revolving around “it.” We drain ourselves and our confidants and are exposed to a number of health conditions: anxiety, headaches, depression, and the list goes on. During those times, it’s as if we forget that we can opt out of it all. That’s right – the ruminating, the stress, the sleeplessness, it all revolves around the act of CHOOSING. And anytime choosing is involved, we must remember: there are other choices.

Today, let’s commit to laying aside these weights…burying them and refusing the temptation to dig them up. Today, let’s get back to peace.


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