One of the names for God is “El Shaddai,” which means “multi-breasted one.” The function of breasts is to provide milk for offspring. This is done through supply and demand – the more milk offspring suck from a Mother’s breast, the more milk that Mother’s breast supplies, and vice versa.

As God’s offspring, it is our responsibility to seek Him with zeal. When we pursue Him deeply, daily, we will literally drown in the milk of His glory. When we don’t, we will feel distant from Him and our lives will lack the revelation and power that those who pursue Him with fervor experience.

If you feel out of sorts with God and/or wonder why others who are close to Him seem to have peace & favor while all you have is chaos & misfortune, realize that it’s not because He (the breast) isn’t there, it’s because you (the offspring) aren’t sucking.

Seek Him with your whole heart, always! It’s as simple as consistent conversation. Talk to Him like you would talk to your best human friend and watch your life change!

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