• Be HONEST – with yourself FIRST, and then with your family/friends. Accept your truth and then sharing your truth with others can follow.
  • Be SAFE – For some, this may come to your friends and family as a surprise, for others, friends and family may already know. In either situation pick a safe space and time to talk with your loved ones. The topic may be difficult for you so feeling at ease and safe is key.
  • Be OPEN – family/friends generally may have questions and may want to help. As you see fit, be open in sharing your struggles with them.
  • BE ASSERTIVE – take ownership, using “I” statements while communicating. Take responsibility.  Be assertive. Let them know what actions you plan to take in getting help with your abuse or dependence and let them know how they can support you, if they are willing to.
  • BeWARE – In some cases, friends or family may downplay your abuse or dependence. Sometimes they are the ones that you may use with, and they may not be in favor of you wanting to make changes in your life.
  • BE READY to make tough decisions in regards to moving forward with those who support you and without those who don’t.

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