Waking up on Christmas with nothing and no one to share it with. Definitely a scenario I’ve known all to well during my adulthood… • …Being invited to celebrate the holidays with family of friends yet despite their warm welcomes feeling like the one person in their Christmas narrative that doesn’t belong….

When I sit and think about the mental and spiritual impact the holidays has on those without money and/or loved ones, strength comes to mind. A gift we too often overlook in exchange for dark thoughts about how much light our lives lack, strength is more priceless than rubies. Strength is what inspires us to choose hope over despair, what challenges us to wait for better days instead of ending our lives on bad ones, and what pushes us to dig deep into the recesses of our hearts and give when we don’t have and aren’t receiving. If you find yourself without this Christmas, tap into your strength by giving…of your time, of your talent, or of your positive spirit and energy. If you can muster up the strength to sacrifice from your nothing, I believe that God will turn it into something.

What matters more than who’s in your arms and what’s under your tree is what’s in your heart. Have a heart that hurts…but still gives.

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