With a new year literally peeking over the horizon, falling into the “I didn’t do as much as so and so did during the past 12 months” trap can be easy! Yeah, they lost the weight, started the business, got the ring, and finished the degree, but comparing yourself to them won’t make you accomplish your goals any faster. In 2013, I sent this quote to my Dolly Daily subscribers and got a ton of feedback. It’s only right to dedicate 2017’s second to last Wednesday to the age old reminder that clapping for others when you have nothing to pat yourself on the back about is congratulation-worthy in God’s book. As you embark upon the close of what you may deem an unsuccessful year, commit to achieving what most people never do in their lifetime: end your relationship with comparisons. Next year this time you may find that your weight goals are still unmet, your business plan is still just an idea, your love life is still non-existent, or you still haven’t graduated from school. But my prayer is that instead of focusing your attention on the people who have accomplished those feats, you recognize all the other achievements you’ve made, the main one being finding the strength to cheer for others when your team is losingKeep clapping, one day you’ll be the one getting the applause.

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