In the 10th chapter of Acts, Apostle Peter was invited to dine with Cornelius, a Gentile follower of God. For reference, Gentiles were regarded as the heathens of that day and were often referred to as “dogs” by Jewish Christians. Prior to attending dinner with Cornelius, Peter spent time in meditation and prayer. During the experience, he had a vision and heard a voice that challenged how he’d been taught to treat Gentiles. After his time with God, Peter had a new outlook – an outlook he’d soon find himself in a position to share with other mistaught Christians. Immediately upon seeing Peter after his visit with Cornelius, his Christian friends began to interrogate him: “Why did you visit those people who are not Jews and eat with them?” (Acts 11:3) Peter, having been delivered from several generations of false teaching  during his encounter with God, was eager to share all that he had discovered…

Just like Peter, we as Believers are called to not only share our revelations, but to spend quiet time with God so that we can receive them. Think of the generational curses in your family. Perhaps there’s substance abuse? Criminality? Poor financial skills? Apostasy? No matter what you and your relatives have been plagued by, you are capable of breaking the curse. This week task yourself with writing out a list of negative traditions that have been passed down in your family, along with actions steps you and motivated others can take to combat them. What always was isn’t what always has to be.

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