I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that I get judgmental urges at times. Urges that up until recently packed me up and sent me on a guilt vacation every time they showed up. But then I realized something. Having an urge and acting on an urge are two completely different things. We all have at least one person, scenario, and/or topic who/that knows just what angle to drive nails into our skin at in order to get the perfect roar out of us. What if though, we became masters of the moment before the outcry? People who recognized that feeling and doing are not one in the same and took advantage of the space that exists between the two instead of letting the commonly mis-interlocked pair take advantage of our emotions? What if we breathed more? Allowed ourselves to be human more? Self-forgave more? And quite frankly – were more discriminating about what aspects of our personhood had actually committed offenses requiring forgiveness?

I opine that then we wouldn’t be walking around punishing our urges as if they were actions. We’d instead be congratulating ourselves – for refusing to be bossed around by our impulses and for refusing to loathe ourselves over the whispers in our head that we were too impervious to let become apart of our narrative.

So what if you FEEL like being vengeful or malicious or critical or cold or condescending or sarcastic or insecure? At times, we all feel those ways. What we DO matters more though. Start giving yourself credit for the battles your Spirit wins over your flesh. Start celebrating yourself for being angry but sinning not.

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