During life’s busiest seasons, it can become easy to rely on your own performance to produce the results you want than to lean and depend on God. Before you know it, what starts off as an effort to get ahead of a seemingly never-ending to-do list becomes a refusal to accept help from others, even God. If we aren’t careful, accountability can insidiously become pride.

What often knocks us out of this exhausting cycle of being and doing all is a fall – a situation that cannot be remedied without supernatural intervention. Maybe it’s expenses that drastically exceed our income or dangerously challenging family dynamics? Whatever the case, we possess the capacity to prevent life from using these turning points to teach us the power of resting. How, you ask? By recognizing its power on our own, that’s how.

I know, I know – resting can be guilt-inducing, especially when several piles of issues requesting our immediate attention lay in wait, but life only sits us down when we won’t do it on our own. Learn to save yourself the trouble (and embarrassment) of being MADE to lie down in green pastures (Psalm 23:2) by lying down in them on your own. Remind yourself how refreshed and better equipped to tackle your responsibilities you were the last time you rested. Also remind yourself that the Jireh aspect of God’s Jehovahness doesn’t need you to be flustered or worried for it to do it’s job.

You CAN breath, you CAN stretch, you CAN eat ice cream, take a nap, and/or waste countless hours on a Netflix binge and His grace will still be sufficient enough for you.

So, on the count of three, let’s rip up our to-do lists and let God be good to us! 1-2-3!

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