Though dating and making genuine platonic friends can be challenging, we make it more difficult when we over-attribute meaning to innocent actions, gestures, and statements. Realize that every inkling isn’t intuition. Chances are if we each had one friend for every time we’ve pushed one into oblivion in the name of our “spidey senses,” we’d be tied for the Most Popular superlative. Stop allowing intellections and insecurities to disguise themselves as insight and make you question people who don’t deserve to be oppugned.

Let people disappoint you. Let them prove you wrong. Let them be different from the “everyone else” you’re adamant about comparing them to. Give them the chance to hurt you, heal you, help you, and hinder you. Offer them the space to serve their purpose in your life. Let go of your addiction to predicting and controlling your future and live in your present. And above all, become comfortable with wasting time…it isn’t yours anyway.

2 thoughts on “Matters of the Heart

  1. Wow! I never entertained the thought of allowing various individuals a chance to just be in my space to just serve their purpose for me . It actually spoke to me to stop having so many expectations on people and allow them to just be who they are and adapt accordingly. This is a great perspective on how we should stop placing so much emphasis on simple relationships.

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