I believe that our prayers are a direct reflection of our thoughts. When we’re afraid, we talk to God out of fear: “Lord, please don’t let…,” when we’re doubtful, our interactions with Him are plagued in doubt: “Lord, I think…,” but when we are hopeful (as Believers should be) we communicate with Him in a completely different manner: “Lord, I know YOU can…,” “I know YOU will…,” “I believe YOU are going to…” Prayer is a time designated for us to talk to God, but when we allow our negative thoughts to interrupt this time, we transform our prayers from a bonding session with our Father to a pow wow with us, our Father, and the devil. Instead of empowering us, releasing us from bondage, and shifting our atmosphere like prayers should do, this type of meeting has the opposite effect.

Let’s stop allowing the enemy to use our minds, and thus our prayers against us. So what if everything is going wrong? Pray like it’s all right. So what if you’re afraid? Pray with the courage of a lion. So what if you don’t know? Pray like you’re as sure as the sky is blue. Your life won’t change unless your prayers speak change into it!

Remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God.” [Hebrews 11:6] The devil knows that, so he loves to sneak into our faith-filled minds and make us faithless. Growing tired of his antics? Well, today is the day to declare “it’s just me and God, and unwanted visitors AREN’T welcome.”

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