Have you ever met someone (or maybe you are someone) who hides all the good that they do, crediting their covertness to remaining unpretentious? Well, unfortunately, that person is just as non-glorifying of GOD as the one who’s boastful about everything they do. Think about it: how on earth can GOD get the glory for your life if you limit your successes and achievements to minute conversations between a handful of your friends and family members, opting not to publicly announce all the wonderful things that are happening in your life? I’ll let you in on a secret, HE can’t. Don’t let the enemy use your humility to discredit GOD. Aim instead to possess the right amount, the kind that’s a perfect balance between showing off how good GOD is and revealing how appreciative and aware of how undeserving of HIM you are. Remember, HE can’t get the glory if you hide your story!

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