Sometimes we forget that God is on our side. We look at our trials and consider that there’s no way we can overcome them. We look at confounding situations and consider that there’s no way out. We look at pain and heartache, considering that it’ll be impossible for us to ever be happy or emotionally healthy again. We look at everything, aggregating our situations and comparing the damage they’ve done and are capable of doing to what we’re capable of handling. The One thing we forget to look at is God. A god who is bigger than our trials, with peace strong enough to overpower our confusion, and love great enough to make us forget that we were ever hurt. A god with an impeccable track record for solving the insolvable and handling the incapable. A god who never ends a story without first getting the glory. A god who CAN and WILL come through. Today, I encourage you to use your wandering eyes to ignore what’s in front of you and instead look to the hills; for it is there where your Help inaugurates.

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