Noah's Ark.jpgOne of the first Bible stories children raised Christian learn is about the “old man with the big boat.” But what’s so fascinating about Noah besides his upstanding life, his ear for God, and his zoo-like array of animals? Is it the strength of his relationships with his wife, sons, and daughters-in-law? What about the vividness of his imagination? After all, no one without belief in the vast vocabularies of the world could have faith enough to obey God like Noah did. No and no; the most captivating thing about Noah is neither of those for he teaches us far more than just the evident lessons of obedience, righteousness, zoo-keeping, and the beauty of faith and family. A deeper look at his story will reveal the importance of staying put…

In reading Genesis 8:1-17 we learn that nearly a year after the flood ended, Noah and his family were still on the ark, and not because they liked it there! After sharing a restricted living space with hundreds of species of smelly, irritated animals for over 365 days, you bet they wanted out, but realizing that a premature move on his behalf would result in he and his family drowning in the same waters that God had sought to protect them from in the first place, Noah WAITED ON GOD to release him. Wow! Think of the pages and pages of notes we can take just from Noah’s refusal to move without God’s blessing.

When it’s time to leave the ark, you’ll know, and you’ll know for sure.

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