636005821883879402-1986192892_fast-forward.jpgThere are many excuses that people use to get out of becoming greater. And although most excuses are pretty ludicrous, there’s none more mindless than “It’ll take too long.” People use this adage to weasel their way out of anything from getting a degree, writing a book, saving up money, or starting a business or organization to filling out a long job application. There’s just something about time that we as humans hate. We want to make decisions one day and enjoy the results the next. We just don’t want to wait. But consider this: time is spent in either one of two ways, aimlessly or actively. Each day, you grow older anyway, so if time is going to pass regardless, why not use it to your advantage? Sure, it may be discouraging when your friends are out partying and having fun while you’re hard at work, but the rewards are priceless. Instead of using “it’ll take too long” as an excuse to keep you idle, think about how glad you’ll be when it’s over and work toward making it happen. Each day you’re one step closer–whether or not you make excuses will determine whether that’s one step closer to starting or one step closer to finishing.

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