Chances are if you enter a dark, unfamiliar room, you’ll bump into a few things in search of the light switch. Greater chances are with each bump, your frustration will rise and escaping obstacles will suddenly become of more importance to you than finding light.

So, what do we do when our natural inclination to avoid discomfort becomes more important than our quest for The Source? How do we ensure that fear of darkness doesn’t cause us to value our convenience more than our destination?

I could use my platform to enlighten you about a successful person you don’t know who faced a dark time en route to his/her victory. I could use flowery language to descriptively convey how steadfast he/she had to be, how optimistic and resourceful he/she learned to become. I could tell you of his/her picture perfect ending and feed you annoying cliches that he/she prescribes to now that the top is home. Or, I could remind you…of yourself.

I could remind you of how much you’ve escaped, how hard you’ve fought, and how – despite brokenness – you’ve kept it all together as if you were whole. I could remind you of all the times love and hope were all you had and they hurt you. And alas, I could remind you of all the injuries you’ve sustained walking around in dark rooms with your hands out in front of you as you grabbed at anything that looked like dawn.

Don’t you remember? Those rooms, those bumps, those frustrations – all to blame for how resilient you’ve grown to be. All hurts that ended up helping.

Today, as you journey through the darkness in your life, I challenge you to learn to maneuver in unlit places rather than seeking to escape them, for those who search for light mustn’t find it, they must become it.

And remember, it’s never too dark for light.

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