Many times, we seek validation before making the decision to follow our instincts. It’s almost as if we trust other people more than we trust ourselves. Instead of going with our gut, we present our visceral feelings to others, allowing them to instead determine our course. But what about all the opportunities we’ve missed just because we sought and listened to someone else’s opinion when we were told “That doesn’t make sense” or “There’s no way you’ll ever be able to do that?” What about all the blessings we’ve forsaken just because our friends didn’t agree with our intuition and we decided to listen to them? We’ve got to STOP giving other people authority over our lives! Everybody doesn’t possess the foresight to know where we’re going, so we can’t always depend on validation to get us where we should be. I challenge you today. To listen to that small voice on the inside of you that has always known what’s best for you, but hasn’t ever gotten the credit it deserved.

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